With one foot in Paris and the other in Stockholm, Jenny Farida, has over the years experimented with various forms of media such as photography, video, music and applied this knowledge to a wide range of different projects resulting in album covers, press photos, music videos, evocative soundscapes, and art installations.

In the spring of 2012 she had her first solo exhibition called "Psyche" which consisted of a number of portraits that were mainly inspired by Pictorialism and August Strindbergs use of the “Wunderkamera”.

She created a serie of psychological portraits that were evocative,

romantic, and dreamy but that also had fleety spiritistic overtones.

Her pictures are often a journey into the murky world of the unconscious and explores the aspects of our world that escapes our everyday vision.  

It’s an experiment with the camera's ability to expand the human observation beyond its physical limitation.

It is also a search for the decisive moment when a range of random details settle in to create a perfect composition.

Jenny works intuitively and spontaneously and experiments with light and lenses to capture the right mood and energy that arises in the moment of photography.

Being also a singer and musician she naturally approaches her other creative friends with her camera resulting in many interesting collaborations.

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